Induction heating machines

Imagine you take the best investment decision.
Imagine you meet your objective.

Turning challenges into solutions


We understand that the decision to incorporate an induction machine into your production is an important one, both economically and technically.

That is why we guide you through the process to ensure your objectives are met:

  • Before investing, we assess the technical and economic feasibility of the process.
  • We propose innovative and flexible solutions that are 100% adapted to your requirements and with the best ROI.
  • We execute a turnkey project to take care of everything, seamlessly integrating your machine into your manufacturing process.

GH induction machines

100% adapted to your needs

Custom induction machines

  • For medium up to very high production.
  • Customized machines which comply high demand specifications.
  • High added value machines.
  • Different automation level.
  • Ready for advanced manufacturing (Industry 4.0).

Compact induction machines
TVK family

  • For low and medium production volume.
  • Verstile and upgradable: different parts and processes.
  • Plug & play.
  • All components in a unique structure.
  • Single and double heating stations.
  • Integrable in robotic cell.

What is a GH Induction machine?

GH designs and manufactures machines for any production volume, level of automation and Industry 4.0 functionality.

The parameters below are necessary to determine the characteristics of the installation, where we incorporate our technology and innovative systems to optimise the machine according to your priorities; adding value to this asset.

Required parameters from customer:

  • Type of part and process
  • Production (cycle time)
  • Technical part requirements
  • Handling system: automated, semi-automated or manual
  • Interaction with other machines
  • Any other customer requirement
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What are its components?


1. Cooling system for:

  • The induction system
  • Hardening process

2. Inductor and heating station (HS)

  • Optional controlled Atmosphere.
  • 3D Inductor: pure copper printed coil

3. Handling machine

Different designs:

  • robotic cell
  • indexing table
  • centerless
  • transfer

4. Machine control

  • PLC, CNC based
  • Machine monitoring
  • Smart operation
  • OPC UA interface

5. Machine output

  • Part tracking (marking, reading, and weighting)
  • Quality production (IPM)
  • Final verification (Eddy current system)

6. Induction generator

Single and Multioutput:

  • Transithermic, MSG
  • inKompac, inCube
  • Oscillator

7. Load/unload system

  • Manual
  • With robot
  • Handlers

8. Integration with other processes

  • Tempering tunnel
  • Washing machines
  • Safety systems

TVK Family
compact and flexible

For low and medium production volume.

The TVK family consists of compact and versatile vertical machines with minimal factory layout, plug & play commissioning, and upgradable functionalities.

All components are housed in a single aluminum structure, which minimises the interconnections and ensures total accessibility for operation and maintenance.

Different models according to:

  • Workpiece size: 400, 800, 1000 mm
  • S, M: power required for the application
  • SD, MD: two heating stations. Ideal for two processes (ex. Hardening and tempering)

Reference Models: TVK-S1000, TVK-M800, TVK-SD400

Examples of treated parts

In addition to 100% customised machines with completely new designs, we offer proven basic installations for different applications such as forging, heat treatment, heat staking, high vacuum heating.

  • Vertical induction hardening machines
  • Horizontal induction hardening machines
  • Indexing table induction hardening machines
  • Centerless induction hardening machines
  • Tempering tunnel machines
  • Robotic induction machines

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