• OCTG – Oil & Gas

    Premium induction heat treatment solutions for piping, connectors, and sucker rods anywhere in the world.

  • Wind energy

    Induction heat treatment, heating, and brazing solutions for wind turbine components. Water-free manual systems for maintenance.

  • Electrotechnical

    Medium and high voltage induction solutions for stators and rotors. Can be integrated in-line, automated or manual.

  • Cable

    Unique systems on the market for 100% automated induction preheating of conductors in MV and HV CCV lines; and aluminium foil protection.

  • Automotive

    Induction heat treatment, bonding, and brazing solutions with fast ROI for all systems in both ICE and EV that guarantee process quality. For any production volume and cycle times.

  • E-mobility

    100% integrable solutions into e-motor lines for assembly, trickling, powdering and more. Leaders in induction bonding for battery package and chassis.

  • Aerospace

    Cost effective and time-saving solutions. High temperature and vacuum induction furnaces for repairing engine components: HPT, Ti welding, brazing plates, etc.

  • Railway

    Induction solutions for rolling-stock, E-motors and infrastructure based on forging, heating, brazing and heat treatment.

  • Shipbuilding

    Safe and fast gas-free systems for decks straightening; induction brazing of copper components and metal part heat treatment.

  • Heavy machinery & trucks

    High productivity and versatility solutions for induction heat treatment of large parts. Optional automatic induction machine set-up without manual intervention in reference changes.

  • Tube & Pipe

    Structural tube: Maximum energy savings in tube welding thanks to silicon carbide (SiC) equipment.

    Drilling tubes: High production and compact solutions for induction hardening and tempering. Automated or manual hard metal brazing equipment.

    Automotive tube: Highly efficient induction brazing solutions. Automatic and manual in controlled atmosphere or on the air.

    OCTG – Oil & Gas: Premium induction heat treatment solutions for piping, connectors, and sucker rods anywhere in the world.

  • HVAC

    Induction brazing solutions for different materials such as heat exchangers, radiators, valves, compressors, evaporators, and distribution systems. Under controlled atmosphere and automated flux dosing.

  • Metal tools

    Fastener / screws:High precision hardening by induction for all metrics M8-M16 and short cycle times, 180 parts per minute.

    Tool holder manufacturer: Productivity-enhancing solutions with automated inductor changeover that maximizes the machine output.

    Hand tools: Automated solutions for induction hardening and tempering of multiple references with quality finishes (pliers, screwdrivers, chisels, etc.).

  • Automation & Manufacturing

    Induction equipment that can be integrated into any machine and production line, providing the added value of digitalisation and control of heating processes.

  • Medicine

    Thanks to the technological advances in this sector, health care has changed greatly in recent years.

  • Food industry

    The food industry requires a wide range of industrial activities including the heating, preparing, conserving, sealing and packaging of food products.

  • General industry

    General industry covers a wide range of sectors. GH Group is able to adapt to this diversity by offering a wide range of induction heating solutions

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