INDURATE project

Design of ultra-compact vertical induction heating systems for scanning pieces hardening treatment through the use of power and frequency extended range systems

Project description

The general objective of this project is the design of an ultra-compact, economical and versatile equipment for the thermal treatment by induction of pieces of different typology, as well as a wide range of dimensions within each of the typologies, significantly improving the performance of existing equipment currently and reducing the number of elements and size required to perform the indicated treatment. Improving the performance of current equipment will increase productivity and competitiveness, which translates directly into a significant reduction in costs per volume treated. On the other hand, the reduction of necessary elements supposes an important decrease in the maintenance demanded by the facilities, as well as the improvement in the accessibility to carry out said maintenance. The present design will allow GH to position itself in a growing market that demands this type of compact and versatile facilities and have a clear competitive advantage over competing companies in the sector. All this looking to improve the performance, size and durability of the current facilities. The type of installation object of this project design, would involve the introduction of a product currently required by a market whose demands have increased significantly in recent times.

The general technical objectives of the project are:

  • Conception and design of a new power unit (admission, inverter and control section) adhoc for performing quenching treatments in ultra-compact equipment with extended power and frequency range, which incorporates Silicon Carbide technology.
  • Conception and design of inductors and heating stations that enable the performance of versatile quenching treatments in ultra-compact equipment with extended power and frequency range.
  • Conception and design of the mechanical structure that allows, through its modularity, the performance of versatile treatments of hardening in ultra-compact equipment with range of power and extended frequency for pieces of differentiated typology.

Project summary

The scope of the project has focused on the development of the following technologies:

  • Compact generator design with power range between 50 and 100 kW with Silicon Carbide transistors.
  • Design of compact, versatile and modular machine structures.
  • Ultra-compact control cabinet design.

This project has been co-funded by CDTI, and the European Union through the Operational Programme Smart Growth ERDF 2014-2020. The reference number of the project is EXP 00108728 / IDI-20180574.



176.042 €

12/03/2018 – 12/03/2019

Project Location:

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