Industry 4.0 in induction heating

Advanced manufacturing for the best performance.

Advanced induction heating solutions


Induction 4.0 at GH Induction represents the evolution of induction heating solutions within the framework of “Industry 4.0” or advanced manufacturing.

Induction heating is a technology that offers great advantages in advanced production: it is digitally controllable, highly accurate, safe and efficient. These advantages, combined with the use of other digital technologies, allow GH systems and machines to be 100% integrated into the most advanced manufacturing lines.

Today’s manufacturers are being forced to become more process and cost efficient in order to respond quickly and cost effectively to changes in demand. Internet of Things, augmented reality, additive manufacturing, digital simulations and full automation are just some of the digital enabling technologies in demand in manufacturing today.

GH Solutions

3D heating simulation (Optima Service)

You can simulate the induction process without the need for sample parts. This reduces costs by anticipating the results and it saves time and resources that would otherwise be spent on engineering or laboratory hours. Together with the 3D inductors you get the best process with the shortest possible lead time.

Additive manufacturing of inductors and quenches

Additive manufacturing (AM) achieves full coil quenches adaptation for heating parts and quenching in the quench so that the treatment is optimized to the maximum.

With pure copper 3D inductors, the number of changeovers is reduced due to the extraordinary service life of the coils, up to 400% in certain applications.

Patented by GH.

Silicon Carbide (SiC)

Our generators combine cutting edge technology with rugged construction for the ultimate in durability and versatility [5,400] kHz.

Our induction power supplies use state-of-the-art semiconductor materials to increase energy efficiency, high power density, bandwidth, and resistance to voltage and temperature.

Artificial vision

GH will always adopt technologies that help optimize its machines in terms of design and investment, production, and operation.

AV is used in projects where parts with a multitude of references or complex patterns must be recognized; and to locate objects in the environment when using robots so as not to collide with them.

Real-time Induction Process Monitoring (IPM 4.0)

Guarantee the quality of your production to comply with ISO/TS 16949 and CQI-9 standards thanks to the digital IPM system. It is based on 100% control over the treated parts; and real-time measurements of the parameters involved in the treatment.

Full machine automation - Automated Inductor Changeover (AIC)

It is now possible to fully automate the machine and increase its availability and production.

With AIC, the inductors are changed without operator intervention. This is possible thanks to the automated change of all inductor-machine interconnections: electrical, pneumatic, and cooling.

Traceability - Process and system data - OPC UA interface

The OPC UA interface allows easy access to information through a standardized and easily programmable interface and enables the integration of traceability information into existing systems and applications.

The digitalization and communication protocols of GH equipment and machines allow access to a large amount of data.

Machine configuration (Smart UI) - Inductors management (Inductool)

Intuitive interfaces are used to guide the operator and help reduce errors.

Our digital inductor traceability and analysis system allows you to optimize stock levels and predict improvements.

Customer cases

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