Induction heating systems

Imagine that you apply the heat where you want and how you want in the most efficient way.

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Induction heating systems

Are you looking for a system that perfectly fits your needs, with state-of-the-art technology and an expert induction team always at your side?

You are in the right place! Our 100% proprietary generator technology is tailored to your specific requirements.

You have available our resources and experience to offer you solutions that really work for many years.

With GH, you can expect transparency, customisation and an unwavering commitment to your success, wherever you are in the world.

That is our added value.

GH Solutions

Customised Induction systems

  • Based on your particular requirements we design the most efficient system for your process thanks to a wide range of generators and configurations
  • In addition, we can simulate and test your process before making any decisions.

Specialised Induction systems

  • For certain processes, GH has developed a catalogue of specialised systems where each component is optimised to maximise the efficiency.
  • Cable pre-heating, chassis bonding, tube welding and others.

Components of an induction heating system

Key components: 100% GH technology

Induction Generator
(Power Source)

The generator transforms the mains current into another current with a frequency suitable for the treatment to be carried out.

Heating Station

The heating station matches the electrical characteristics of the inductor to those of the generator to maximise efficiency.

All topologies: serial, parallel.

(Induction coil)

This crucial component transfers the energy to the part to be heated. The coil is specifically designed for each application.

Pure copper 3D Inductors. Total adaptation the part.

Material to be Heated

This is the object or workpiece placed inside or near the induction coil to be heated.

Control System

It regulates the power delivered to the inductor, controlling the temperature (pyrometer needed), and monitoring the overall operation of the system.

Cooling System

A cooling system is essential to regulate the temperature of the electric circuit and the coil. This is usually achieved through a water-cooling circuit.


MSG family

  • Specific generator
  • For low-power discontinous applications

Transithermic family
Single output

  • Highly customisable

Transithermic family

  • Highly customisable


  • Specific generator
  • Medium frequency


  • The most compact multioutput (4)

Aghile trolley

  • Power density
  • Mobile

Aghile family

  • All-in-one-box
  • Mobile

inRobot system

Induction generators: the heart of the heating system

Depending on the process we will help you to select the right induction generator and the rest of the components.

Transithermic family

The super customisable family.

For any process and requirement demand.

[10, 2000] kW // [0,5, 400] kHz.

Type of configurations depending on the process:

  • Single output (f1,p1)
  • Dual frequency (low freq.+high freq., p1)
  • Multiple output (f1, p1), …, (fn, pn)
  • SiC technology

InKompac family

Compact and multioutput.

Ideal as a stationary system, for integration in machines or production lines.

[7, 60] kW // [10, 400] kHz*.

From 1 to 4 outputs. Combine them as needed.

SiC technology.

(*) depending on model

Aghile family

The mobile family.

Ideal for manual operations.

All-in-one-box model

[10, 30] kHz

Single output model (kW): 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50

Double output model (kW+kW): 10+10, 20+20

Optional chiller inside

Trolley model

Ideal for “in situ” operations.

SiC technology.

MSG (Multi Spot)

Specialised generator.

12 kW // [10, 20] kHz

Up to 8 low power outputs for discontinuous applications with super-fast connections and total access for O&M.

Ideal for bonding in automotive.

SiC technology


The simplest generator.

10, 20 kW // [50, 150] kHz

Single output.

The most advanced technology in power electronics: Silicon Carbide transistor

  • Extreme power density. Less transistors needed.
  • Robustness.
  • Wide range of frequencies.
  • Reduced operating expenses.
  • Energy efficient.

Benefits of GH induction heating systems



  • Total customization
  • High performance
  • Latest technology
  • Silicon Carbide generators
  • Precise temperature control
  • Application development
  • Technical support



  • Long service life
  • Energy efficiency
  • Production versatility
  • High quality products
  • Increase of productivity
  • Safety environment
  • An outsourced induction partner



Reference projects

A specialised induction heating system for energy cable preheating equipped with Transithermic generator and tunnel inductor.

Induction heating system of copper strips brazing for stator with Aghile Trolley generator and handheld.

Types of induction heating systems

  • Induction brazing systems
  • Induction pre-heating systems
  • Induction post-heating systems
  • Induction hardening systems
  • Induction shrink fitting systems
  • Induction soldering systems
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