Turnkey projects for Induction Solutions

Turnkey projects

As every business is unique and every industry is different, GH Group takes your unique situation as the starting point.

Through a combination of proven expertise and practical hands-on experience and creativity, our engineers seek to inspire and deliver an induction heating solution ready-to-use taking care of everything. This is a GH turn-key project.

When a customer wants to improve its production process, GH Group supports it and optimizes the offered solution to maximize the return of investment during its depreciation period: optimizing CAPEX, minimizing OPEX, and increasing production quality.

In a turn-key project the first action is the nomination of a Customer Project Manager as main contact acting as representative of GH Group. Their responsibility is the success of the project plan.


Advising services

GH Group offers the following services either as stand-alone or as part of a turnkey project for facilitating the solution design.

These services help the customer to implement a new or an improved induction heating process before taking the investment decision.

  • Investment Analysis.
  • Application Development and Optimization Service (ADOS).
  • Part test laboratory.
  • Pre-series production service.
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Solution design

GH Group customs design and builds turnkey installations based on your part and process requirements.

Once we have the customer specifications, when it is needed, a group of a multidisciplinary team of engineers (electrical, electronical, mechanical, hydraulic and application) works in a concurrent engineering mode in order to obtain the maximum number of synergies and to meet customer expectations. At this moment, innovative solutions are created and some of them generate patents applications.

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System manufacturing

When the design and the provisioning phases are over, the system is manufactured in GH manufacturing locations: Brazil, China, Germany, India, Spain and USA, under strict quality and safety standards.

After manufacturing each component of the installation, these are assembled and subjected to internal deep quality control tests. Just when the system is completely ready, it is delivered to the customer.

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Start-up service

When the system is in the customer facilities, GH owns the responsibility of commissioning and start it up. These tasks are carried out by technical experts from house.

Customer has the possibility to start producing under supervision and guidance by GH with the on-site production assistance.


Care services

The objective of GH Care Services is to make easier your life when you finally start with the production responsibility using GH system. We can help with the operation and maintenance tasks finding out how to maximize production/process quality and economical results.

GH Customer Services organization is fully committed with the above objective keeping close to their customers during the whole life-span system, being proactively suggested for improvements on the application. Information data systems and well defined and stored documentation on your installation allow GH Customer Services to trace, analyse and give solutions for your continuous production improvement.

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