IDEA project

Research of modular Investors of medium and high frequency incorporating new semiconductor DEvices (SIC MOSFET) for developing of new range of standard parallel generators for Application in industrial induction heating

Project description

The general objective of the present project is the research and development of new parallel universal generators, of medium and high frequency, through a standard HW platform capable of integrating the different power configurations and the corresponding universal FW / SW platform for the control of this type of generators. The universal HW platform to be developed should cover both the medium frequency range and the high frequency range. For the medium frequency, the optimum technology is Si-IGBT, while the high-frequency will be covered by Si-MOS technology, since at present, after two years of development of this kind of components, these offer the functionalities to be integrated in industrial systems.

The general technical objectives of the project are:

Universal HW platform for the development of standard inverters fed by medium and high frequency current with Si-IGBT or SiC-MOSFET technology and containing:

  • Development of a standard 75 kW inverter powered by current in complete bridge configuration with SI-IGBT or SiC-MOSFET technology for medium and high frequency respectively.
  • Development of the input converter for the regulation of the power delivered to the piece.
  • Development of advanced trigging circuits for the proper trigging of both the input converter and the parallel type inverter and capable of working over a wide range of frequencies.
  • Development of a system for measuring the quality of the induction heating process in multi-process installations.
  • Development of a hardened piece detection system.
  • Development of an earth leakage detection system.

Universal FW / SW platform for medium and high frequency parallel generators and comprising:

  • Development of universal control for both medium and high-frequency parallel-type inverters with advanced performance.
  • Development of sensing circuits, signal acquisition and processing for parallel type inverters.
  • Development of input converter controller.

Project summary

The scope of the project has focused on the development of the following demonstrator:

  • Development of a 150 kW / 5-50 kHz parallel type universal generator with IGBT technology or 5-400 kHz with SiC-MOSFET technology for general heating treatments.

This project has been co-funded by CDTI, and the European Union through the Operational Programme Smart Growth ERDF 2014-2020. The reference number of the project is EXP 00086951 / IDI‐20160125.

Fund: IDI‐20160125


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