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Keep up with the latest developments at GH Induction.

Innovation as added value

Innovation is key to adding value to our customers’ solutions. We are constantly developing and improving applications, systems, products, and services and adopting new technologies on the market to offer you more efficiency and profitability.

About induction power supplies

inKompac+ power supply

Combine as needed frequencies and power

Inkompac+ is a very high efficiency (SiC) compact power supply with up to 4 independent power outputs with 50kW total power in continuous operation.

Frequencies between 10kHz to 400kHz.

It is ideal to be integrated in machines, to use it with multiple workstations and, in manual applications.

Aghile trolley power supply

The “Aghile trolley” is a power source, with one or two power outputs, suitable for operations where induction heating applications require a mobile and robust assembly.

Designed as a multi-purpose solution, the Aghile trolley is an induction heater for non-continuous heating applications such as brazing, hardening, straightening, drying, shrinking, pre-heating and post-heating.

About systems

Rotary inductor – GH PATENT

Making simpler the parts handling

It is the system that achieves a homogeneous heating profile despite the asymmetries of the inductor; and avoids the movement of the part.

It is ideal for parts where the center of mass does not coincide with the axis of rotation, such as ball and socket joint shafts, or where the movement of the part is very complicated, such as long drilling pipes.

Automated Inductor Changeover (AIC)

Full machine automation

It is now possible to fully automate the machine and increase its availability and production.

With AIC, the inductors are changed without operator intervention. This is possible thanks to the automated change of all inductor-machine interconnections: electrical, pneumatic, and cooling.

About customer services

Optima Service

It is inductor manufacturing that delivers the best results in an induction process with the shortest lead time.

It combines a 3D heating simulation tool and additive manufactured coils (3D inductors) with the knowledge of GH’s dedicated team to find the optimum inductor design.

Optima service

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