Induction shrink fitting

Shrink fitting

Shrink fitting is called to the union by mechanical interference of two pieces to form an integral assembly. This union is achieved through two main approaches:

  • Cold process by mechanical pressure.
  • Hot process (thermal shrink) where one of the parts is heated prior to assembly.

The thermal shrink uses the phenomenon of expansion during the heating of materials, and contraction during the cooling thereof. This eliminates the mechanical interference with little or no pressure needed for assembly.

The thermal shrink is used in mechanical assembly and delicate parts where you can not apply mechanical pressure.

The main advantages of thermal shrink fitting are the reduction of stresses and residual deformations and control capacity of union quality.

There are different forms of heating for thermal shrink such as gas, furnace and induction among others.

Induction shrink fitting advantages

  • Easy reversibility of the process for removal.
  • Controlled and localized heating.
  • Allows its integration in assembly lines.
  • Reduction of total processing time.
  • Energy saving.

Other Assembly / Joining Processes

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