Monitoring and traceability, IPM 4.0

Imagine you are able to guarantee the quality of your products.
For ISO/TS 16949, CQI-9 compliance.

Rely on your production

Real-time monitoring and traceability

Do you want to avoid problems with the quality of the treatment of your parts?

There are industries where the traceability of the quality in produced parts is vital. In such case, single part process monitoring is crucial to prevent defects in final production.

GH has developed a family of process monitoring products, IPM 4.0, for the different parameters involved in operations such as hardening, tempering, brazing, or any other discontinuous application.

Additionally, NDT system based on Eddy Current (ultrasonic) can complement the quality supervision.



  • ISO/TS 16949 compliance
  • CQI-9 compliance
  • Control of 100% of heated parts
  • Up to 99 parameters control
  • Diagnosis and prediction
  • Continuous process improvement
  • Less destructive testing



  • High quality products
  • Reliable production
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Avoiding market recalls
  • Operating cost reduction



Which parameters are controlled by IPM 4.0?

Those that influence the process, usually in three areas:

  • heating
  • cooling and
  • hardening depth.

The parameters of several heating, quenching or other subsystems can be monitored up to a maximum of 99 parameters.

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