Induction heating for aerospace


With its specific experience, GH Group is able to offer quality processes and target this industry

Aerospace facilitates communication and transportation of people, goods and data on a global scale. Air routes are the highways of the global economy and thus product quality and consistency of processes are essential.

In aerospace, the repair of engine components instead of replacement is much more economical and profitable. Therefore, induction heating enjoys great popularity in this sector.

Our turnkey systems for induction preheating provides solutions for repairing high pressure turbine (HPT) blades with Titanium welding, brazing measuring plates, dovetails and mid-span wear pads. The vacuum furnace process is best suited for brazing parts of unusual shapes, repairing other engine components that are orphans from other heating processes and many other applications.


  • Aircraft engine blade repair (nickel brazing) and heat treat.
  • Heating for assembly/disassembly.
  • Forging and repairing turbine components.
  • Brazing of turbine blades.
  • Composite and polymer bonding.
  • Heat treatment of turbine engine blades.
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