Induction solutions for e-motor, transformers and more

Imagine you control your heating process.
The heating to integrate 100% into your production.

100% integrable in your production

Induction heating

Induction heating can be applied to many electrical products of any size, such as

  • Electric motors in domestic appliances, air conditioning, industrial automation, and robots.
  • Generators in marine, wind-power, hydro-power, gas and steam turbines and reactors.
  • Pumps: water, chemical, food & beverage, mining, and industrial applications.
  • Automotive: starters, alternators, air conditioning, windscreens, windshield wipers, etc.
  • E-Drive: drive train in e-mobility.

Depending on the type of industry segment, the application requirements are different. Whether you need manual or automated operations, we provide the most efficient solutions that contribute to your product quality and productivity.

We can develop new applications and processes using our expertise, 3D heating simulation and test laboratory.

Our global service ensures long equipment life anywhere in the world.

Main benefits



  • Fast and efficient heat
  • Instantaneous heat
  • Precise and repeatable
  • Homogeneous heating
  • No overheating
  • Temperature control
  • Fully controlled process



  • High quality products
  • Traceable production
  • Increased productivity
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Safe and clean environment
  • Energy efficiency



Examples of GH solutions for High Voltage

Rotor short circuit ring induction brazing

Rotor short circuit ring induction brazing

For high voltage machines with squirrel cage rotor, GH offers proven solutions for induction brazing of short circuit rings from small to large diameter (8 metres diameter).

The main advantages are versatility (different diameters with the same system) and process control through an exclusive semiautomated temperature control system.

Stator copper strip brazing with filler metal

Copper strip induction brazing in stator

GH offers portable and compact induction heating equipment for brazing copper with filler metals that can be adapted to any size of strip. Energy control allows the exact same process to be repeated as many times as required.

The control of the equipment is in the welding head, which is light and small to meet ergonomic standards.

GH solutions for Low Voltage

Heating for shrink fitting

Induction shrink fitting solutions

Our solutions allow to heat parts of any size for the assembly components like stator – housing, cap – housing, shaft – bearing, and shaft – rotor. Depending on the production requirements, different equipment is available: complete machines with process monitoring; stand-alone heating stations for integration into third-party machines; or manual and/or portable systems.

Induction magnet bonding

Induction heating solutions

GH systems are ideal to be integrated into production lines and machines, with features that enable high quality products and volume production with maximum efficiency. Accurate temperature control, programmed master curves and communication interfaces enable any application such as preheating for resin curing in trickling and powdering, bridge heating, magnet bonding and rotor bonding.

Multioutput inKompac

Exclusive technology


Imagine choosing the most profitable and secure investment with the most efficient production.

Pure copper 3D printed inductors

Quality and expenses reduction.

Additive manufacturing (AM) is the key to achieving full coil adaptation for your heated parts. With pure copper 3D inductors, the number of changeovers is reduced due to the extraordinary service life of the coils, up to 400% in certain applications.

Patented by GH.

SiC technology power supplies

Energy efficiency and ruggedness.

GH power supplies combine Silicon Carbide (SiC) cutting edge technology with rugged construction for the ultimate in durability and versatility [5,400] kHz. State-of-the-art Silicon Carbide (SiC) semiconductor materials are used to increase energy efficiency, high power density, bandwidth, and resistance to voltage and temperature.

Optima Service

You get the best process with the shortest possible lead time. This service improves your heat treatment during your asset life combining 3D induction heating simulations and 3D printed inductors.

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