Induction heating for wind energy

Wind energy

The renewable energy industry is one of the sectors with significant growth potential world wide. The aim is to create a sustainable model for energy generation. Wind and solar power are key sectors in the renewable energy marketplace.

The production of gearboxes and rings for wind turbines requires a number of painstaking and expensive manufacturing processes to ensure that the parts have the required quality, strength and durability. Furthermore traditional manufacturing processes of solar panels are being replaced with more efficient solutions to increase profitability.

Induction heating increases efficiency in both wind turbines and solar panels, which is why it is increasingly incorporated into gear tooth and ring hardening and solar cell soldering.

The integral induction heating solutions offered by GH Group contribute effectively to the profitability, quality and efficiency of the various processes used in these sectors.


  • Gear hardening
  • Slewing bearing hardening: raceways and teeth
  • Soldering of photovoltaic and thermal panels
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