Heating induction for medicine

Heating solutions for the medical industry

GH Group designs custom integrated solutions for the medical industry. Our extensive knowledge of induction combined with inert gasses and vacuum technologies guarantees high quality systems and solutions.

Thanks to the technological advances in this sector, health care has changed greatly in recent years. Technology is an essential part of current medical practices.

The current global economy is more competitive and manufacturing companies of medical devices are constantly looking for ways to reduce production costs, reduce production times and increase quality. There is no single medical specialty that does not benefit from technological advances for both diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

The advanced technology of induction heating, in vacuum and inert environments, helps to achieve production costs and quality goals. Induction heating is a fast and clean method without physical contact. It is used for a wide variety of metal joining and heat treating applications.



  • Metal to plastic insertion
  • Brazing Steel Orthodontic Parts
  • Annealing inconel tubing in a protective atmosphere
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