Whatever your industry and whatever size you are, we work with you to create the most efficient induction heating solution for your objective by applying our technology, service, and experience.


We are a group of companies specialised in turnkey projects. From making the application of induction viable in your process, to designing and manufacturing the systems you need. Always taking care of your investment anywhere in the world.

Different needs,
different solutions

Which type of project do you need and what for?


If you are wondering how to improve your process with induction heating, tell us your idea and we will help you find out if it is feasible and how to implement it.


When you are looking for a new induction heating machine or equipment for your production.
We will design an offer that meets your objectives without obligation.


Want to save a bit more? If you want to renew your induction equipment, we’ll study how to extend its performance and useful life. We can propose options for you.


Even if you are already applying induction heating in your processes, we can help you to improve it.
We will see where you start from and how far you can go.

Products and services that make it possible










  • OCTG – Oil & Gas

    Premium induction heat treatment solutions for piping, connectors, and sucker rods anywhere in the world.

  • Wind energy

    Induction heat treatment, heating, and brazing solutions for wind turbine components. Water-free manual systems for maintenance.

  • Electrotechnical

    Medium and high voltage induction solutions for stators and rotors. Can be integrated in-line, automated or manual.

  • Cable

    Unique systems on the market for 100% automated induction preheating of conductors in MV and HV CCV lines; and aluminium foil protection.

  • Automotive

    Induction heat treatment, bonding, and brazing solutions with fast ROI for all systems in both ICE and EV that guarantee process quality. For any production volume and cycle times.

  • E-mobility

    100% integrable solutions into e-motor lines for assembly, trickling, powdering and more. Leaders in induction bonding for battery package and chassis.

  • Aerospace

    Cost effective and time-saving solutions. High temperature and vacuum induction furnaces for repairing engine components: HPT, Ti welding, brazing plates, etc.

  • Railway

    Induction solutions for rolling-stock, E-motors and infrastructure based on forging, heating, brazing and heat treatment.

  • Shipbuilding

    Safe and fast gas-free systems for decks straightening; induction brazing of copper components and metal part heat treatment.

  • Heavy machinery & trucks

    High productivity and versatility solutions for induction heat treatment of large parts. Optional automatic induction machine set-up without manual intervention in reference changes.

  • Tube & Pipe

    Structural tube: Maximum energy savings in tube welding thanks to silicon carbide (SiC) equipment.

    Drilling tubes: High production and compact solutions for induction hardening and tempering. Automated or manual hard metal brazing equipment.

    Automotive tube: Highly efficient induction brazing solutions. Automatic and manual in controlled atmosphere or on the air.

    OCTG – Oil & Gas: Premium induction heat treatment solutions for piping, connectors, and sucker rods anywhere in the world.

  • HVAC

    Induction brazing solutions for different materials such as heat exchangers, radiators, valves, compressors, evaporators, and distribution systems. Under controlled atmosphere and automated flux dosing.

  • Metal tools

    Fastener / screws:High precision hardening by induction for all metrics M8-M16 and short cycle times, 180 parts per minute.

    Tool holder manufacturer: Productivity-enhancing solutions with automated inductor changeover that maximizes the machine output.

    Hand tools: Automated solutions for induction hardening and tempering of multiple references with quality finishes (pliers, screwdrivers, chisels, etc.).

  • Automation & Manufacturing

    Induction equipment that can be integrated into any machine and production line, providing the added value of digitalisation and control of heating processes.

  • Medicine

    Thanks to the technological advances in this sector, health care has changed greatly in recent years.

  • Food industry

    The food industry requires a wide range of industrial activities including the heating, preparing, conserving, sealing and packaging of food products.

  • General industry

    General industry covers a wide range of sectors. GH Group is able to adapt to this diversity by offering a wide range of induction heating solutions

3D heating simulation
Optima Service

3D Quenches

Silicon Carbide

Real-time Induction
Process Monitoring (IPM)


Full machine
automation (AIC)

Process and systems data
OPC UA interface

Augmented reality
for assistance

Machine configuration (Smart UI)
Inductor manegement

Advanced Manufacturing

Learn about our enabling technologies within the Industry 4.0 framework as part of your solution.

3D heating simulation
Optima Service

You can simulate the induction process without the need for sample parts. This reduces costs by anticipating the results and it saves time and resources that would otherwise be spent on engineering or laboratory hours. Together with the 3D inductors you get the best process with the shortest possible lead time.

3D Quenches

The 3D additive manufacturing era is here, and that applies to the induction world too. GH is the first induction heating group deploying hundreds of 3D printed coils since 2014.

Our induction experience and a field-proven and patented 3D printing coil technology (3DPCoil) based on EBM makes GH 3D inductors the safest investment.

Silicon Carbide

Our generators combine cutting edge technology with rugged construction for the ultimate in durability and versatility [5,400] kHz.

Our induction generators use state-of-the-art semiconductor materials to increase energy efficiency, high power density, bandwidth, and resistance to voltage and temperature.

Real-time Induction
Process Monitoring (IPM)

Guarantee the quality of your production and comply with ISO/TS 16949 and CQI-9 standards thanks to the digital IPM system. This represents a breakthrough in induction process monitoring. It is based on 100% control over the treated parts; and real-time measurements of the parameters involved in the treatment.


GH will always adopt technologies that help optimize its machines in terms of design and investment, production, and operation.

Full machine
automation (AIC)

Automated Inductor Changeover (AIC)

It is now possible to fully automate the machine and increase its availability and production.

With AIC, the inductors are changed without operator intervention. This is possible thanks to the automated change of all inductor-machine interconnections: electrical, pneumatic, and cooling.

Process and systems data
OPC UA interface

The OPC UA interface allows easy access to information through a standardised and easily programmable interface and enables the integration of traceability information into existing systems and applications.

The digitalisation and communication protocols of GH equipment and machines allow access to a large amount of data.

Augmented reality
for assistance

ConnectAR is a collaboration and communication platform to offer an augmented remote assistance service. It improves productivity, reduces downtime, and makes technical problem identification easier by allowing instant live feedback in our video calls.

Machine configuration (Smart UI)
Inductor manegement

Intuitive interfaces are used to guide the operator and help reduce errors. Our digital inductor traceability and analysis system allows you to optimize stock levels and predict possible improvements.

Why GH?

Because your goal is our goal

Useful innovation

You will have available systems and methods that will improve your product and the profitability of your investment.

A safe investment

Our solidity is proven after more than 60 years in the market. You will have an excellent service without continuity con problems.

Flexibility in your project

We adapt 100% to your needs and specifications. We define with you the project that best suits you.

The right decision

You will be sure of the viability of your process before you invest thanks to specialists, simulations, and laboratory tests.

Long service life

Systems and machines equipped with the latest technology designed to last as long as possible.

Efficient processes

Silicon Carbide (SiC) power systems, inductors and machines developed to maximise efficiency.

Your GH Team

We will be part of your team with our experience, creativity, and GH commitment to design the best solution for your case.

Global Service

Services and solutions where you need them through our companies and technical service.





Indution heating equipment installed in 50 countries








Being efficient is not an option, what is holding you?

Replace or amend your current heating process and start being more sustainable, efficient and in control of your production by being 100% digital.

We help you to consume and waste less energy. No need for preheating, it’s instant heat and you can integrate it into your production lines with ease.

Green heating


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