Optima service

Optima service is the 3D inductor manufacturing that allows the best results in an induction process with the shortest possible lead time.

It combines two digital technologies and the knowledge and experience of the GH technical team to find the optimal inductor design.

Time accelerators

GH know-how

3D Simulation: FEM

Simulation of induction heating by means of Finite Element Modeling (FEM).

  • Anticipation of results
  • Savings in engineering and laboratory hours.
  • Savings in test parts.
  • Multiple simulations simultaneously.

Additive manufacturing: 3D INDUCTORS

GH patent since 2014.
3D printing of pure copper coils by Electron Beam Melting (EBM).

  • Total design freedom.
  • Easy to modify designs.
  • Precision and repeatability of coils.

When to use OPTIMA

Use cases


New applications development

Agility in the result of the feasibility of a new process.

Maximum optimization of the design to meet process parameters.


Optimization of existing processes and new references

Design redesign for improvement and comparison of results prior to manufacture.


Simulation of heating in large parts

Alternative when laboratory testing is not feasible or to minimise transport of parts to laboratory for testing.

Optimized service

Better and faster results

Number of iterations

Traditional process

Optima process

Agility in the results

  • Optima gets the first results of different designs without using real parts nor real tests.
  • Inductor manufacturing time is reduced.
  • The coil is 3D printed faster and more accurately.
  • Iterations are minimized.
  • Manual production hours are also reduced.
  • Maximum optimization.
  • The inner and outer geometry is adapted to the process requirements.
  • Any shape is possible.

Customer case

Optima process benefits versus traditional process

Customer requirement:
Change of hardening process: from single shot to scanning

Customer benefits:
Reduction of Variable costs, Distortions and Cycle time.


  • Guaranteed results.
  • Rapid response to feasibility and development of processes.
  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness of processes.
  • Unachievable solutions until now.
  • Experience and technology, key to results.
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