Induction solutions for Oil & Gas

Imagine you differentiate your products in your market


Premium induction solutions for Oil & Gas

In a challenging world where innovation and efficiency are a must, GH Induction is your partner to differentiate your OCTG and Oil & Gas products providing added value to your customers instead of being commodities.

The main benefits are the increase of the quality control, the energy consumption and cost per part reduction, to minimize the carbon footprint of your factory, the ramp up the production rate, and the innovation with long lasting innovative products. All these are the goals gotten by our customers by innovations for the oil and gas industry.

Our solutions are ready to work in all kinds of extreme and mild environments. From desertic areas with cabinets and cooling systems ready to work up to 50ºC/120ºF, tropic environments with high rates of humidity or extreme cold localizations. We have specific solutions to any of your locations.

GH has more than 60 years’ experience working together with the most important manufacturers worldwide evolving with the API and most demanding standards.

Main benefits


Technical benefits

  • Exclusive quality standards
  • Absolute production traceability
  • Carbon footprint reduction vs. ovens
  • Adapted to any special need


Business benefits

  • Shorter ROI
  • Offer exclusive lasting products
  • Increase of productivity
  • Cost per part reduction
  • Energy efficiency

Induction Solutions

Know more about our induction solutions in oil & gas industry


Premium Stress Relief

Total heating control homogeneity in swagged tube ends, no matter of soaking time.

Unique solution in the market.

Rotative Inductor

Optimisation of investment and energy savings.

The rotating inductor is an innovative and unique system in which the inductor turns, and the workpiece is fixed. In this way, the machines are mechanically simplified in an extraordinary way, and the heating is more homogeneous. Thus, the investment is reduced, and the energy consumption is reduced.

IPM 4.0

Production quality and traceability.

IPM 4.0 (Induction Process Monitoring) is a mandatory digital control system to ensure the quality of the process that helps to comply with ISO/TS 16949 and CQI-9 standards. It is based on a 100% control of heated parts; and on real-time measurements of the involved parameters in the treatment.


  • Pipe end stress relief
  • Soldering of rock drilling tools
  • Coupling coating
  • Forming pipe ends for bottles and cylinders
  • Heating the ends of sucker rods
  • Seam annealing
  • Preheat for pipe forming
  • Pipe straightening
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