Care services

The objective of GH Care Services is to make easier your life when you finally start with the production responsibility using GH system. We can help with the operation and maintenance tasks finding out how to maximize production/process quality and economical results.

GH Customer Services organization is fully committed with the above objective keeping close to their customers during the whole life-span system, being proactively suggested for improvements on the application. Information data systems and well defined and stored documentation on your installation allow GH Customer Services to trace, analyse and give solutions for your continuous production improvement.

International technical assistance network

GH Group provides you an international technical assistance network and the following services

Start-up Service

This service is always included with the supply of an installation to leave the system up and running as part of a turn-key project.

On-site production assistance

In order to guarantee a ramp up production and to learn through hands-on training, GH technical experts can assist you during the initial production time period with the new installation.

Inductor Shop

We repair and manufacture all kind of coils/inductors for the industry for which our equipment is intended (automobile, casting, pipe-welding, etc.). Each inductor in each customer is followed up to control its performance and durability in order to improve next units. GH Inductor Shop is the unique worldwide sales point for 3D printed inductors .

3D Inductors

Preventive Maintenance

In today’s production systems it is increasingly important to reduce halts in production as far as possible, as well as requiring a good maintenance policy. GH offers Preventive Maintenance Contracts to deal with all our supplies, adapting these to suit our customers’ requirements.

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Corrective Maintenance

These services are offered when a fault occurs. There are several levels of support depending on the help that you need.

  1. On-site technical assistance. A GH technical engineer of our international technical service network travels to your installation.
  2. Remote assistance. Thanks to the communication control features on installations, we can help you with Remote Management to control faults, performance and configuration from GH facilities by the most expert staff.
  3. Global technical support. Wherever you are, GH engineers from our technical assistance team will support you remotely and locally.
  4. Repair & Spare Parts. Customer is supplied of all the spares necessary to deal with any breakdown, mainly power items, control cards and the items internally made at GH that cannot be purchased on the market.

Generator Swapping Service

Would you like to improve the energy efficiency of your system? Or to renew your generator?

Thanks to the wide generator portfolio, GH could adapt the generator to your existing oscillator circuit minimizing your CAPEX induction. In addition, GH offers you an express turn-key project so that you have available your system as longer as possible.

Retroffiting Service

Do you want to upgrade your GH installation avoiding to invest in a new one?

GH analyses the best solution to increase the life-span of your system or to improve the process; making hardware and software modifications and provides you the final solution ready-to-use on your premises.

Training Services

Having a qualified and highly trained staff impacts directly in an OPEX reduction because of good handling and maintenance operations. Main areas of trainings are:

  1. Induction heating fundamentals training.
  2. Transithermic Generators trainings.
  3. Maintenance & Operation trainings.
  4. Customized training.

Check in our trainings and seminars with our Customer Services.

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